An Experienced Trial Lawyer Offering Personalized Representation To Clients In Loudoun County, Virginia

No matter if you are going through a contentious divorce, have been charged with domestic assault or abuse, face DUI/DWI charges or are caught up in a child custody dispute, there may be a significant amount of crossover between your immediate issue and other areas of the law.

With extensive experience in a wide variety of practice areas, I am able to help you navigate even the most complex matters in an efficient and effective manner.

Successful Outcomes Start With Building Cases From The Ground Up

As a trial attorney, a majority of my time is spent either preparing your case for trial or representing you in the courtroom. By constantly preparing for the worst-case scenario, I can help you avoid complications as your case progresses.

Even when mediation or negotiations provide the best opportunity for success, our time spent preparing will have a positive effect on your case. When going through the discovery process, I will work with you and my network of expert and professional resources to gather the evidence and testimony necessary to build a robust case in any of the following:

Just as every individual and family is different, so too are the facts and circumstances surrounding a case. By working closely with you from start to finish, I will place your needs and goals at the forefront of our strategy.

A Local Lawyer Providing The Experience And Representation To Help You Achieve Your Goals

When you require immediate representation, contact me, Walter C. Jacob by calling my Leesburg, Virginia, law office at 703-297-8620 or by completing an online contact form.