Walter C. Jacob: A Child Custody Lawyer Representing Families In Loudoun County And Throughout Northern Virginia

The most contentious aspects of any divorce involving children are often child custody and child support proceedings and negotiations. Although many parents are willing to compromise on who will keep the family home or car, few are willing to compromise the integrity of their parent-child relationship.

Protecting Your Children While Fighting To Defend Your Relationship

When it comes to child custody and support matters, the state of Virginia is governed by a statute that looks to account for the "best interests of the child." Whether taking your custody dispute to court or working through negotiations, there are numerous factors that we will need to consider, including:

  • The age of the child and his or her changing needs as he or she develops
  • The age and physical health of each parent
  • The current status of each parent's relationship with the child and the ability of each parent to provide for the emotional, physical and developmental needs of the child
  • The proximity to family, friends and others who may play a significant role in the child's life
  • If the child is mature enough, his or her preference
  • The willingness or ability of each parent to constructively resolve matters affecting the child
  • Determining holidays, family events and vacations as well as other scheduling matters
  • Any history of violence or abuse
  • Relocation agreements if one parent plans to move a considerable distance from the child's primary residence or chooses to move with the child
  • Other factors that the courts may deem pertinent to your case

As your lawyer, I will go through all aspects of your custody dispute, determine the best possible outcome and implement a strategy through negotiations or litigation to see that you maintain your parent-child relationship after divorce.

Clear Answers To Your Child Support Questions

In Virginia, the level of child support is determined by assessing the combined incomes of both parents. Whether your support agreement is determined by the courts or through mediation or negotiation, I will help ensure that you either pay or receive a fair amount. 

As your life circumstances change, I can also assist you with making modifications to your support agreements. If you lost your job, were promoted or your child's needs have changed, I can help make sure you stay on top of your support payments.

My Experience Can Be Your Best Asset When Resolving Child Custody And Support Disputes

To schedule a confidential consultation with me, Walter Jacob, contact my Leesburg, Virginia, law office by calling 703-297-8620 or by completing an online contact form. As your attorney I will explain your visitation rights, help protect your parent-child relationship, and represent your interests during negotiations or litigation.