Criminal Defense Representation From An Experienced, Trial-Tested Attorney

When you or a loved one faces criminal charges, it's important to secure representation from an attorney as quickly as possible. With years of experience handling a wide variety of criminal defense matters, I will help you build a strong criminal defense to mitigate the consequences of the charges while pursuing an acquittal should your case go to trial.

Aggressive Representation Paired With Compassionate Counsel To Resolve Your Criminal Matter

Although the immediate consequences of a criminal conviction are pressing — jail time, fines, community service, and rehabilitation or treatment courses are all possibilities — other collateral consequences also need to be considered. If you have a CDL or work for the government, a criminal conviction can compromise your ability to retain your job, obtain security clearances or pursue advancement. Furthermore, if you are in school, or about to enter the job market, a stain on your record can be a barrier to your future success.

Whether you were pulled over for reckless driving or your son or daughter is caught up in a juvenile matter, I will investigate the circumstances of your case, vet evidence and gather facts, all while ensuring your rights are protected.

Some of the most common types of cases I see in Loudoun County and the surrounding Northern Virginia communities include:

  • DWI/DUI/drunk driving defense
  • Traffic offenses such as speeding or reckless driving
  • Drug crimes
  • Vehicular crimes such as a hit-and-run or vehicular manslaughter
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Assault & battery
  • Other misdemeanor offenses

Contact Me To Defend Your Rights And Start Building A Strong Defense

No matter the circumstances or severity of the charges against you, working with an experienced lawyer can help assert your rights and pursue a more favorable outcome in your case.

To schedule a consultation, contact me, Walter Jacob of Walter C. Jacob, P.C., by calling 703-297-8620 or by filling out an online contact form.